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Since our founding in 2009, Janchor has delivered long-term, sustainable value to our investment partners and investee companies. Reflecting on how we did this, we arrived at our mission of Industrialist Investing.

Our mission has never been defined as “maximizing profits” for ourselves. Rather, we’ve strived to have a lasting impact through building insight and trust. When engaging with companies, we aim to think like a company founder, creating long-term, sustained value in a through-the-cycle time frame and building enduring relationships based on shared intent and trust. By working this way, we learn more about a given situation and ultimately make better investment decisions as well as contribute back to those around us. We believe in winning holistically, with Janchor, the company and broader community all coming out ahead. We later called this our “Industrialist Investor” mindset.

By “Industrialist”, we mean strategic, long-term and purpose-driven: a successful Industrialist requires clear vision, sharp intelligence and emotional empathy to help companies deliver and execute. An Industrialist also needs an aligned and consistent organizational culture to achieve sustained performance.

Being an “Investor” allows us to join the company’s community of stakeholders, working to help our investee companies win by searching for positive potential, engaging them as partners and working with them to unlock even greater value. We work to bridge the worlds of capital markets and business enterprise.

With our relentless search for impactful new strategic and operational insights, we work tirelessly to help our investee companies to perform even better, reach greater heights and create even more value.

This is not work that is done in weeks or even one or two years. It is a mission, a way of working and even living, that aims to bring value to our team, our investment partners and the world at large. We humbly embrace our mission, which we work constantly to achieve and advance day by day.

John Ho – Founder
Chief Industrialist Investor

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